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Founder of Mind Development Seminars is Anthony Young.

I was born and brought up in Great Britain, where I studied German, French and Philosophy at University College, London (B.A. Hons.). Upon completion of my degree I took a further course of training to become a teacher of foreign languages. Since then I have, amongst other things, been teaching students English and Psychology at schools and institutes of adult education.

My interest in psychology began some fifteen years ago. Since then I have taken part in many seminars and been fortunate enough to learn from many people. 

After five to six years of training in Transactional Analysis (TA) with, above all,  Norbert Nagel at the Institut-IPE , I became interested in. as well as fascinated by, the methodology of Neuo Linguistic Programming (NLP). I trained to become an NLP-Practitioner with partners of Metaforum für Kommunikation, which is run from Berlin by Bernd Isert. I then decided to complete the Master Practitioner with Richard Bandler, the co-developer of NLP. Years later, I also became a certified trainer of NLP with Richard.

 I have learned many other methods. I can give courses in Autogenic Training (see "Stress Management").

I have taken courses in Provocative Therapy with Frank Farrelly, who developed this method. Furthermore, I have basic training in Systemic Therapy and Counselling, Psychodrama and Syntuition (developed by Bernd Isert). 

Apart from my own trainings in NLP, I have been invited to give seminars - usually in NLP - at various institutions. I worked for the "Bundesanstalt für Arbeit" after the unification of Germany, helping teachers adapt to Western methods of teaching, using ideas from TA. Other instuitutions for whom I have worked include:

- The Ministery of Justice in Baden-Württemberg

- The "Evangelische Landeskirche" in Württemberg

- Teachers' Organisations: for example, the "Gewerkschaft Erziehung und Wissenschaft"

- In-service training at schools, including my own. 

I have also coached many individuals who wanted to develop their resources, usually for professional reasons, when confronted with, or in order to apply for,  promotion.

Please contact me via:


phone:    + 49 (0) 6221 / 78 22 98

fax:          + 49 (0) 6221 /78 40 55

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